Union workers rally against Senate Bill 5

FAIRVIEW PARK -- An anti-Senate Bill 5 rally was held at Stamper's Irish Pub in Fairview Park Sunday afternoon.

Members from the Ohio House and Senate, along with other union activists, joined to support teachers, police, firefighters and other union members in their fight against SB 5.

The town hall-style meeting was held to discuss future plans to combat SB 5 and how it will affect not only union members but also non-represented, middle-class workers.

State Senator Nina Turner says "Senate Bill 5 is an attack on working-class men and women."

State Representative Armond Budish, the minority leader, said, "This is a battle against all working people, this is not just against people who work in unions."

The next rally will be held on at 5 p.m. Tuesday (March 15) at the corner of Route 82 and Pearl Road in Strongsville.

WKYC-TV by George Payamgis

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